Rules & Regulations

§1 To register at Kapilands you have to agree to the the terms of use.

§2 Kapilands enables its users to communicate amongst each other. They are solely responsible for the content.
Pornographic, racist, insulting or illegal content will not be tolerated and can lead to the deletion of the account.
The same applies to any other behavior that can be considered as abusive.

§3 No user has a claim to use Kapilands. The provider reserves the right to deny access to users or delete users, should they violate the terms of use.

§4 Cheating:

 (1) Every player may use only one account. So-called multi accounts are not allowed.

 (2) Presents, credits or trades with an extreme advantage on one side are not allowed. If one of these things is detected the account in question will be deleted.

 (3) Very good trade-relations between cities, especially with an extreme advantage to one side, will be monitored closely.

 (4) Bugs must be reported and may not be used for any advantages.

 (5) The use of any exploits in general may also lead to an account deletion.

§5 Bots or other third party software/scripts are strictly forbidden.

§6 Kapilands assumes no liability for possible damages caused to users. There is no claim for damages.

§7 The membership can be canceled at any time through the deletion of the account by the user or by a game administrator.

§8 Orders given by admins or mods must be adhered to.

§9 The Kapilands Team is not responsible for the content on linked external web sites. Links to external websites made by anyone but the Kapilands team are prohibited, as is using a URL as company name or user name on the game board. Accounts violating this rule will be deleted without further warning. Exceptions are made only for sites that are solely devoted to or directly affiliated with Kapilands.